Bits and pieces (video)

Had an exhibition last fall, bits and pieces of art until now. No curator, it was called, to underline the missing red thread and let people make up their own minds about the arts message and purpose.  I had many comments on a piece of video called “Pea(ce)”, how it took them down to earth,  by it’s medidative imagery.

This piece was originally made for a luxury restaurant in the casino in Estoril, Portugal,  and named “A loucura das Ervilhas”, playing with the name and nature of the Restaurant Magician,  Alfredo Hervías y Mendizabal, who left this world way too early and by doing so, made us all a little bit less.

I am sharing this video here, and would like to know how many of you sit until the end. If your Monday was hard, this will take you back to where you should be. No patience? Watch it again…


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