This summer will be different…

We live up North… far up North… It’s 3rd of April and I woke up to a snow covered landscape and crisp air. Later in the morning I felt the sun was already strong enough to come through and melt a little… melt the snow, melt the heart, melt the mind… We are in lock-down, trips that were planned had to be cancelled, and plans that were yet to be made will be altered dramatically for the foreseeable future.

Memories go back to a careless summertime in the beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere – our beach…

This year will be LESS and we need to make that into a MORE. Stay safe, stay home.


Do you need some preparations for summer skin, even stuck at home?

I offer 20% off from my store with codes under here for a bundle of sun related products. Enjoy.

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Miss you market, send me a line and will fix…




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